Complete Character Design Course - Create Your Dream Character

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Draw Your Dream Character ✏️

Welcome to the Complete Character Design Course, where you'll be designing your dream characters from scratch!

You'll get over 30 videos packed with easy to follow content. 

No BS.

  •  Do you want to turn your character ideas into fully fleshed out characters with emotion and backstories?

I'll take you through this journey, step by step.

  • Intimidated by everything there is to know about character design, like proportions, silhouette, and outfits?

You'll learn it all. With clear cut instructions.

Confidently draw characters of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages. 

Starting today.

What's Inside ✍️

You'll be going through all the necessary steps to make your dream character come true.

Suitable for any art style.

We'll be:

  • Writing and brainstorming relatable character traits and personality
  • Creating dynamic poses using gesture drawing
  • Choosing the best colors for your character
  • Designing eye-catching outfits
  • Drawing a full 4 view turnaround for your character

And much more!

Create Characters To Fall in Love With 😍

All of this done step by step, in an easy to follow process.

You'll have work to show for your time.

In fact, by following this course from the beginning to the very end, you'll have your own amazing character completely drawn in several poses.

By getting this course here on Gumroad, here's what you get:

  • Over 4 Hours of Content to Stream Instantly
  • Helpful Downloadable Templates and References
  • Access to our very own Friendly Art Community (on Discord)
  • FREE Bonus Course on Drawing Amazing Expressions (9 New Videos!)

"This was SUPER helpful." 🥰

Over 14,396 artists have taken my courses and here's what they had to say.

"Thank you. This is my first time creating a character. Especially a turn-around. I was kind of dreading it sooo much, but I was very happy with the results because of your great teaching."

- Syria I.

"Every class is a masterpiece. Clear cut instructions and no garbage whatsoever. I strongly recommend her!"

- Ayaan Shive

"I love Patricia's style of teaching - so relaxed. It makes learning to draw almost effortless and very relaxing. I always enjoy seeing a new one posted, but I enjoy going back and reviewing the ones I've already watched."

- Susan Shay Brugger

F.A.Q. 📝

  • "I don't draw digitally! Can I take this course traditionally (with pen and paper) ?"

YES! I've had many students that take my courses completely traditionally and get amazing results. Use whichever tool you're more comfortable with.

  • "I'm not really interested in drawing in a cartoon style... Will this course still help me?"

Even though the character we're drawing throughout the course is done in my cartoon style, you can follow along and use your own art style. Every resource, fundamental and information still applies! 

(If you're struggling to find an art style of your own, I recommend you to first go through my "How To Find Your Art Style: A Hands-On Guide" Course! but this is not mandatory)

  • "I'm a beginner, I've only recently started drawing. Will this course work for me?"

Absolutely! In fact, most of the exercises I'm teaching in this course were the ones that helped me improve my own artwork when I was just getting started. There will also be some more intermediate level information in the course to push your artistic skills even further.

There is no risk in joining this course! 

If you aren't completely happy with your purchase in 30 days, just message me, and I'll refund you. No questions asked.

So, are you ready to start creating your own amazing characters?

Just click Add To Cart to join the course and I'll see you there!

- Patricia

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Complete Character Design Course - Create Your Dream Character

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