Complete Chibi Drawing Course: Draw Adorable Characters!

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Do you want to create adorable Chibi characters step by step in less than 2 days?

Chibis are very cute small-sized characters that anybody can draw. 

And I'm here to help you master this skill, one step at a time!

My name is Patricia Caldeira. 

I'm a professional Illustrator and Art Teacher with over 12 years of experience that loves to draw.

I know that learning a new subject can be very challenging.

So I've poured my heart and soul to give you the best and easiest way to draw adorable chibi characters!

Learn to draw Chibi Characters one step at a time!

Master Drawing Adorable Chibi Characters 🥰

Drawing Chibi characters is a very fun and easy way to draw characters from your imagination. Not only that, but it's also a very profitable skill to have!

You can sell:

  • T-Shirts 
  • Greeting Cards
  • Pins
  • Merchandise
  • And much more

With your Chibi character designs!

And even sell your own art commissions to clients around the world.

So I'm going to take you through drawing chibi characters, one step at a time!

We'll start with the basics.

Master different ways to draw Chibi Bodies!

Easy To Follow Videos 📝

First with the very basic shapes of a chibi character, the proportions, and ways to draw them. And later on by adding the details, eyes, different ways to draw mouths, ears, hairstyles, and much more.

Everything is explained in short and to the point videos, so that you can keep on learning these skills faster and in a fun way.

Not only that, but we’ll also be going through different sections throughout the course with updates releasing every couple of weeks!

Such as:

  • Drawing Different Chibi Bodies (live now!)
  • Stylish And Cute Hairstyles (live now)
  • Coloring 101 (live now!)
  • Posing Your Characters (live now!)
  • Giving Emotion (live now!)
  • Drawing Beautiful Outfits (live now!)
  • Drawing The 3/4 View Pose (new update 2023!)
  • And more!

You'll also get lifetime access to all future updates that will be added for free.

Give life to your characters with Happy, Sad, Angry and many more Emotions!

F.A.Q 📝

  • "I don't draw digitally! Can I take this course traditionally (with pen and paper) ?"

YES! I've had many students take my courses completely traditionally and get amazing results. Use whichever tool you're more comfortable with.

  • "I'm a beginner, I've only recently started drawing. Will this course work for me?"

Absolutely. Many artists start with Chibi Drawing since it's a more simplified approach to drawing characters! Even if you have never touched a pencil or a drawing tablet before, you'll learn a LOT with this course.

  • Is there a monthly fee or some other extra payment I need to do?

There are no hidden fees or monthly payments here. You get access to the entire chibi drawing course and future updates forever!

You can even turn existing characters into Chibis with this course!

What's Everyone Saying ⭐

Don't just take it from me!

Here's what other students are saying about my Classes:

  • "I really loved this class! Very easy to follow. Simple step by step instructions and not overly long. Keeps you fully engaged throughout. Will be moving on to some of her other classes!" - Samantha S.
  • "Patricia made me feel so comfortable drawing in a way I never have before. Now I'm sitting at home making up cool characters with the simple faces she showed me! Awesome!" - Riley O.
  • "I had so much fun!! I'm so proud of myself because I'm now able to draw such cute chibi characters, thank you!" - Sharlyne S.

Learn By Doing! Practical Assignments Included ✅

You'll be practicing drawing Chibi Characters with helpful assignments and resources on each section.

All of these will help you master drawing Chibis in less than 2 days!

Right now the course includes:

  • the main section on Drawing The Chibi Bodies with all the details (eyes, ears, mouths, and more)
  • the entire Coloring Section with color schemes and resources
  • dozens of Downloadable Templates to guide you!
  • an exclusive invite to our Don Corgi Art Community

So lock in your price now and get all future updates for free.

It has taken me a long time to learn all these skills and package them into an easy-to-follow course, so now it's up to you!

I'm here to give you everything you need to create better art and fulfill your artistic dreams.

So what are you waiting for?

Join now and start creating adorable characters, today.

See you inside!

- Patricia at Don Corgi

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The Complete Chibi Drawing Course! - Lifetime Access

Drawing Different Chibi Bodies
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Stylish And Cute Hairstyles
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Coloring 101
Live now!
Posing Your Characters
Live now!
Bring Your Characters To Life With Emotions
Live now!
Drawing Beautiful Outfits
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Dozens of FREE Downloadable Templates!
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$49 $36

Complete Chibi Drawing Course: Draw Adorable Characters!

5 ratings
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