Complete Figure Drawing Course: Create Dynamic Characters

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"Every class is a masterpiece. Clear cut instructions and no garbage whatsoever. I strongly recommend her!"

Create Dynamic Characters, Step-by-Step

Do you want to learn how to draw amazing characters and portraits?

Tired of trying to memorize every muscle in the human body?

Then this is the course for you!

With clear cut instructions, this figure drawing course will teach you how to draw beautiful characters one video at a time.

Created with beginner artists in mind.

About Me 👋

Hi, I'm Patricia Caldeira! An artist and art teacher that has taught over 14.000 students throughout the years.

I've also worked for Clip Studio Paint (Celsys), Musicians, Youtubers and more for over 10 years.

This is the figure drawing course I wish I had when starting out. 

It took me many years to learn everything, but it doesn't have to be that way for you. 

Let me guide you.

I've gathered all my knowledge into these videos, so that you too can improve your drawing skills and achieve your dreams!

What's Inside ✍️

You'll be going through a simple step-by-step curriculum to master drawing the human body.

We'll be:

  • Drawing The Head
  • Adding Details (Mouth, Eyes, Nose, ...)
  • Drawing The Torso (Female and Male)
  • Legs, Hands, Feet, ...

And much more!

Everything in several points of view and broken down into easy to follow videos.

"This class was SO MUCH FUN!" 

Less Theory, More Practice

This is a highly practical course.

That means that you'll be practicing alongside me every part of the human body. 

With this practice you'll improve your art skills greatly in a short time!

Not only that, but you'll have work to show for your time.

In fact, if you follow all the Assignments in this course, you'll have a fleshed-out human character drawn in a dynamic pose.

The Last Figure Drawing Course You'll Ever Need!

You just need to follow the steps.

  • Master Drawing Anatomy. Every part of the human body covered, no need to memorize muscles here! 
  • Learn How To Draw Proportions for the Human Body. Tall characters, small characters, you'll know how to draw proportions for each.
  • Improve Your Skills And Productivity. Take a fun and challenging step by step approach where I guide you along the way.

You won't need to memorize 1 single muscle name with this course.

"Keeps Everything Simple, So You Don't Get Overwhelmed!" 🥰

Over 14,396 artists have taken my courses and here's what they had to say.

"Every class is a masterpiece. Clear cut instructions and no garbage whatsoever. I strongly recommend her!"

- Ayaan Shive

"This class was SO MUCH FUN! I am a new artist, I just started really trying to draw around January of this year and I have seen very little progress until I stumbled across Patricia's classes. I am so lucky I found Patricia, she just has a way of explaining and breaking complicated things down so they make sense, you have fun, and you learn quickly. In a very short time, the classes I have taken have made a SOLID impact on my art and Patricia has become my favorite art teacher. I am hoping to take all of her (Patricia) classes because I feel like she is helping me reach my goal of becoming an artist, and her teaching style is just amazing."

- Nate Lee

"I really enjoyed the teacher giving room to experiment and encourages you to find your own style instead of copying what you see on screen. Also the instructions are very concise and it is easy to follow!"

- Elsa Philipp

F.A.Q 📝

  • "I don't draw digitally! Can I take this course traditionally (with pen and paper) ?"

YES! I've had many students that take my courses completely traditionally and get amazing results. Use whichever tool you're more comfortable with.

  • "I'm a beginner, I've only recently started drawing. Will this course work for me?"

Absolutely. In fact, this figure drawing course was created with beginner artists in mind! Even if you have never touched a pencil or a drawing tablet before, you'll learn a LOT with this course.

  • Is there a monthly fee or some other extra payment I need to do?

There are no hidden fees or monthly payments here. You get access to the entire figure drawing course and future updates forever!

Want More? 🤩

Buy the course today and you'll also receive:

  • Resources: Over 113 Downloadable Templates to help you practice
  • Bonus Course: How To Draw Breasts
  • Bonus Course: How To Draw The Male Body (in-depth look)
  • Bonus Course: How To Draw The Female Body (in-depth look)
  • Bonus Course: How To Draw Amazing Expressions
  • Community: Access to our very own Friendly Art Community (on Discord)
  • ??? (secret bonuses coming in future updates)

All of this included for free.

So there really is no reason to hesitate!

Buy the Course now and I'll see you inside.

And as always,

Keep on drawing!

- Patricia

Satisfaction Guarantee ⭐️

I take your satisfaction very seriously. If there's any problem with your purchase just message me within the first 7 days of purchase and I will fix it or refund it for you.

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Complete Figure Drawing Course - Over 10 Hours Of Step by Step Videos

You'll also get:
Over 113 Downloadable Templates
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Bonus Course: How To Draw Amazing Expressions
19.99$ Value
Bonus Course: How To Draw Breasts
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Bonus Course: How To Draw The Male Body (in-depth look)
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Bonus Course: How To Draw The Female Body (in-depth look)
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Complete Figure Drawing Course: Create Dynamic Characters

24 ratings
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